Children's Outdoor

We are currently developing the new outside are for the Pre-School Tiggers, aged from 3 to 5 years of age. During 2013, we cleared a waste area within our boundaries and fenced it off. It is this area that will be developed into the new Wilderness and Wellie Walk, Maze Up, Round & About spaces.

Wilderness and Wellie Walk

We have an area set aside for the development of understanding the natural world. This area has already had some planting finished, with native British Hedgerow plants. Within this area, Also there will be a 15 mm deep stream, where children under supervision, will be able to search for tadpoles and sticklebacks, safely.

This "Wellie Walk" will be fenced off as a "Supervised Only Area" and have a block paved bottom.

The Wilderness & Wellie Walk are due to be completed by September 2014, although much of the work is already underway.


The maze will be mad up of various different willow bushes that will be regularly trimmed back. The height of the hedging, will not exceed 1 metre, to ensure that observation can be maintained throughout the period the children explore.

The maze will feature 4 secluded areas, where children in small groups can gather and talk, including a Willow Wigwam.

This maze is due to be planted in November 2014, although the laying out and path construction will be completed during the summer holidays.

Up, Round & About!

The younger Piglets have their own garden area. This is made up of the kitchen garden, a slide & roundabout safety floored area, a currently being planted grassed area, under some trees. Child have periods of being able to free flow, in and out of the indoor area.

Kitchen Garden

This has raised vegetable and flower beds, a fruit garden and even some chickens.

Baby Garden

This garden was completed during Easter 2011. It consists of a fenced area that has grass and rubber safety flooring. Within it are a Play House, some planters and additional toys and equipment that is varied each day.

Our Outdoor's Blog

At Bright Beginnings we are happy to introduce to you our new outdoor blog. The blog will give you a flavour of the variety of outdoor activities that your children would engage in especially when the days are longer. Apart from digging in the garden we have many other activities. Check out our blog and enjoy!

Children's Outdoor Blog