Children's Indoor

We are currently developing the new outside are for the Pre-School Tiggers, aged from 3 to 5 years of age. During 2013, we cleared a waste area within our boundaries and fenced it off. It is this area that will be developed into the new Wilderness and Wellie Walk, Maze Up, Round & About spaces.

Baby Unit

At Bright Beginnings Day Nursery & Pre School, the Nursery is largely based in a purpose built unit, on the first floor. This consists of 3 rooms, where the babies and toddlers, under the age of 30 months, receive a very special type of care. Like all of the very young, they need lots of love and attention and at Bright Beginnings, we aim to provide both of these by the bucket-load.

Our Pooh Bear’s room is for babies from the age of 6 weeks to approx 16/18 months.

Our Rabbitz are the older babies, aged 18-24 months (approx)

Our Kangas are the toddlers, aged 24-33, give or take.

The Pre School Unit

At Bright Beginnings Day Nursery & Pre School, the Pre School Unit takes up the ground floor. This consists of 2 very large indoor Rooms, with free flowing access to outdoor play areas. We promote a philosophy that "Learning and development should also be great fun!" Hopefully, that impression remains with your children throughout there education.

Our Piglets are the younger Early Years children, aged 24 - 36 months (approx).

Our Tiggers Room caters for a maximum of 30 children aged 3-5 years


Our Indoor Blog

At Bright Beginnings, we are happy to introduce to you Our Blog where you have a flavour of our indoor activities with the children, may it be painting, indoor water play or variety of role play. Hope you will enjoy Our Indoor Blog that is written especially for you.

Children's Indoor Blog